life is suffering. As a serial entrepreneur Wade Liu Haijiao, the founder of education more than anything to the vicissitudes of life and the meaning behind the understanding of this sentence: frustration, dignity, tears, kneel. In his business life before, and his fate is always sad and intertwined, many years later, perhaps he can move the old, sitting under the sun that he could think of their novels like life in general. The following is the founder of Wade education readme:

I was born in the northeast, so there is a distinct personality characteristics of the northeast. Jianghu, true temperament, broad-minded. Before graduating from college, I never thought that I would become an entrepreneur, but the fate is always wonderful, he is always in an unexpected way to push you to the other end of the fate.

A sudden changes in his life if there is no

at the age of 19, maybe I would like other thousands on thousands of college graduates, the path of life for a change. 2 months before the college entrance examination, my father died. I still remember my father died in my arms until now, although sometimes I don’t want to think about it. From that time on, my heart inside the dark determination, must change their own destiny, no longer let the family will have no money to see.

experienced hardships, will be more precocious than their peers, which may be a great benefit to our children suffering. I started earlier than their peers obviously consider the burden of life, when the other students on the university is also the third the ideal setting for a couple in love, I would like my business, poor boy, don’t wait for my business, is certainly more tragic fate. In 2003, I borrowed 600 yuan to start a business, and my classmates in Shenyang founded an English training class.

I clearly calculated the ratio of input and output, decided to take 600 yuan of money all used for printing leaflets, I think Zhang Chuandan was 4 cents a, 600 dollars Nengyin 15000 copies, sent out, a collection of 900 students. The class is their own class, the classroom is the house of their own homes, so remove the cost of publicity, in theory, I just need to recruit a student he can easily return to this, the risk is very small. In the end, I sent out 15000 leaflets, to the 20 students, income of $18000, the first attempt to succeed.

this summer I’m busy. This course is a good reputation, class is really, so I brought more students, which let me understand the word of mouth effect is always very important. Due to periodic training, after a short summer vacation, I went back to school, but I don’t want to lose this class, so my mother and my classmates to do this class, this class was later set up a new power school laid the foundation.

back to school, I continue to recruit students. At that time, there was only one idea, to make more money, but the current situation of the training course can not satisfy me, I made a thing that now people may feel incomprehensible

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