5.26-5.28, these three days, Ali may be the mother of the most closed day. However, a time Mom Forum service area was shrouded in condemning. The station I had been closed, Ali is the mail with the same meaning.


release is very difficult! I applied for a time, then do not try, because honestly, they do have their own AD points a few times.

Ali mother today, the settlement, the profit of my station to freeze, and then the other site’s income is still as usual settlement. I don’t think any other advertising alliance can do it, at least not now. Microsoft YAHOO for Google Title Yuwengdeli is completely ruthless, do a lot of Google alliance is often worried that their number is K, the domestic league all know deduction amount can be serious! Ali advertising alliance in the price, it is very good in service.

out there are some of the recommendations of the domestic advertising alliance, is estimated to be relatively good, but also a good reference!

recently made a cms180 degree, seriously do stand, to the webmaster to learn, do stand!

would like to give you help, this station has not been included in Baidu, submitted more than a week!

original address: http://s.www.cms180.cn/jianzhan-experience/congalimamafenghaokanguanggao-union-xuanzealimoyoucuo/

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