we have seen a lot of flowers website, looking for a kind of concept in line with us, we found such a long network of words, like the night found the lights. Deep bosom friend. Not exclusive, for everyone to share.

The following is a friend of

‘s website from Taiwan:

online order flowers is really very convenient, as long as five minutes, you can decide whether you want to style, delivery address, and then complete the online credit card, logically, there should be a lot of people online to buy flowers? But in fact domestic consumers through the Internet Dinghua is relatively low us, I summed up several reasons:

1 network to sell flower ceremony than the general store expensive;

2 Network Inc too little trust;

3 Internet florists catalog is very poor! Is any more, you can let the consumer

beat a retreat!

we do not dare to say that the online florist can change the market, but we are moving toward the following goals:

1 profit customers; through centralized procurement, less to the store rent burden, to provide users with more favorable goods.

2 to develop innovative products; listen to customer needs, set up a coalition of flower resources, to provide innovative products.

3 to improve the quality of services; through education and training, quality monitoring to protect the interests of customers.

in the future, we hope you can order flowers like Domino’s, delivered within thirty minutes! Product design like Swatch variety, young and popular, let the other side to receive flowers like gift received Tiffany as happy flower ceremony at the time of delivery to SMS in the first time to inform you that we are working, you are also welcome give us more advice!

delivery cycle: 2008.2.22 – 2009.2.21

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

data returned: always

commission ratio: 12%

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