Wangzhuan project has many kinds, it is because of the colorful Wangzhuan, so many friends at a loss, in the end of the what to do and what not to do? Here we only for non advertising money project to share their experience, make new friends detours!

the most basic Wangzhuan including click, email, surf, hook and so on, this kind of Wangzhuan you don’t need to stop, as long as you have the patience perseverance common heart, do a good month also have very good part-time income! The part-time network have seen a lot of friends do not site to do these projects the

is very good!When

first contact Wangzhuan part-time network, from the beginning of the news times, and then exposed to the basic Wangzhuan, although now in transition, but also the core foundation Wangzhuan not easily to give up. Once at the beginning of the do Wangzhuan, very blind, others see the receipt of money, then do this, see that others do money, and to do that, but to the last one did not receive money! Actually, these items are needed offline to do, don’t think Wangzhuan is offline MLM that is, two distinct concepts! The problem is very simple is very simple, you think, it a need to develop a large downline project, you may receive money, others eat meat, soup, you can only go to wash the dishes.

so do offline type Wangzhuan friends, you do this at the beginning of the project, we should think of how to promote, if you can be paid, what time can be paid, if you do not think about this problem, it is not white? As far as possible in the project within a week do not make money, the first batch of money. At least when you don’t have the final closure received no money. There are plans to do this Wangzhuan have hope and the future, or not to touch it, but with some advertising resources is different, when foreign stations need to flow and you can play these Wangzhuan resources. Can bring a good foreign IP.

do Wangzhuan plan should be good, how to do, how to do, if you have the time and perseverance to do, a loss is not terrible, terrible is the loss of you still have no experience. Or to operate in accordance with the trading loss, the loss is not more? The next part-time network introduce some more real Wangzhuan experience.

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