I’m just a rookie in the Internet, as a whole is prompted by a sudden impulse standing in the network, but around half a century, was found to the site location is very important, only good business model and profit model, the website can develop better, otherwise the dead did not earn server fees here I also summarize some general personal Adsense a major source of income for everyone to share:

a, Google led by clicking ads. There are Baidu, Yahoo, Ali mother, etc.. Click on the average number of charges. Each time because of different advertising and price difference. The average click once income of RMB 30 fen. These types of advertising behavior against invalid clicks (such as: your click, or click the behavior to make friends) great efforts. Therefore, the general flow of small sites rely on this income is difficult. General normal advertising click rate is about 1%.

if the site’s Day views in 5000. According to an average 30 Fen, click rate of 1%. The site’s daily income is about 15 yuan. (Google ad). Average price of other advertising is not so high (


addition, Google Advertising and FireFox Firefox extension. General average hits 7 times to earn $0.1. Mainly in china.

two, monthly advertising. Exhibit in pictures or words. How much to the website traffic and decided the monthly price. The station can probably calculate the amount of their income from many customers monthly advertising.

three, plug in promotion revenue. For example, TOM’s Internet phone skype. General plug-in promotion is mainly applicable to download website. As far as I know, the installation of a plug-in can income 0.04 yuan. Plug in promotion is often bundled with software. The income is much higher than the monthly advertising, click on ads. I have come to the conclusion that the general download site IP 5000 in the day, the general day to install about 1500 of the plug. The more bundled plug-ins, the more income.

if a download site day IP is 5000, bundled with the two plug-ins. The total installed capacity is about 1/3 of the traffic. Estimated to be able to install 1500. A plug-in revenue 0.04. The two is 8 cents. The station is about 120 yuan a day income.

four, registered ads. Registered with eBay, Taobao registered as head. Click on the general station of this type of advertising, and did not generate revenue to the owners. Visitors click on the ads need to be registered as a member, or buy products. Adsense to gain. Therefore, this type of advertising is relatively low income. Because few people register. However, the price is relatively high. Like eBay registration, registered a webmaster can earn about 12.

general personal website revenue mainly from the above several types.

I hope you can give me a bit of advice on my website, www.no1cj.com, like I do

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