direct control Chinese Internet White users, not giant or platform, but is a kind of spontaneous, grassroots organizations, their hidden profits, tens of millions of users and trends in cash every day, so that YY, 9158 such "grass root Empire", have to rely heavily on the use of the.



| Liu Yan

this is a brush money contest.

once a year "YY entertainment annual festival" is the grass root carnival. "Gaoshuai rich" led a gang of "grass root" brush blood game money, only one purpose: to their camp female anchor canvassing. In 2012 the festival is entertainment gossip crooked friends known as the "YY in the history of the most intense movement of money."

The ten game player

YY fans entertainment network broke the ceremony: spend the most money treasure brother consumption amount of 5 million 200 thousand yuan in the first row, a consumption amount of 4 million yuan ranked second, behind the 8 game player the amount of consumption of 1 million yuan.

it is a high handsome rich game player fu fighting game, rather than opinion leaders hold two association of grass root popular artists, who sought to improve the popularity of the family tournament. The leader and anchor the call, refueling, praise and condemnation…… All kinds of sounds from the computer at the other end of great in strength and impetus to the artists studio.

is not only driven entertainment atmosphere of the super game player, and a treasure brother also were a special status: Royal Entertainment Association (referred to as: Royal President) and China Entertainment Association (abbreviation: China) spiritual leader. They have been in the YY arena, well-known, far and near.


YY festival began after just two weeks, treasure brother led China to a family, and as leader of the Royal Association launched a number of field of Brush Gift contest. For a time, the network broadcast between the extraordinary, attracted tens of thousands of onlookers. Especially in the evening of the most intense part of the brush, to attract over more than 20 thousand onlookers. China Association sexy beauty artist Xiao U ha shouted his throat to urge fans to vote on each other.

fans emotional response leader and beauty "call", in order to win their camp crazy click, gift tens of dollars on the hundred dollars with a thousand yuan worth of gifts from the public on the screen flashed. These luxury gifts to sit at the computer next to the 90 Huang dazzled, excited. Yellow is the Royal guild members in a little-known small game player.

"they brush out a gift worth 1314 dollars, equivalent to us wages a month!" at two "Heroes" for their favorite female anchor generous gift giving, this month only willing to recharge two hundred or three hundred yuan Huang feel shy, can only use "envy" to describe the the mood. "Money is just a number for me." This sentence also can not forget how a small brush gift thrown out.


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