Hello everyone, I’m old Ke!

several days did not write the article, these days like a lot, but also do a lot of things, yesterday in the first class of YY working group, the devil teacher told the development direction of future to us is encouraged, is full of confidence for future development and its development forum. It’s an opportunity and a challenge!

anything to not easy to make money in the network above the reality of their own dreams, in fact, to greater efforts than in reality need to pay this is absolutely not pompous. As long as this one has experience in Wangzhuan friends all know that their hard work hard, but do not get the results you want. Why? Personally: first no goal no direction; second, do not have their own money thinking; third, no proper guidance; fourth, methods and skills not found; fifth, not to seriously implement.

earned a month in the Taobao Venture Forum, and what did I get? What changed? Look back and think about it,


first: a sense of purpose. I know which direction I should go, every day for the goal to fight, to fight. Now, no longer feel empty, every day is very full, a day’s time is not enough, people also have a passion, and a lot of cheerful.

second: the teacher also made friends. This is a great encouragement to me. In the past, like a person to do things, including in the company to work, I do not like to work with other people to complete things, always feel very troublesome. When playing games, and others do not want to have a person in your group, independent of the world in the course of time, cutting, feeling what games are not fun. But what can you do without playing? It seems that playing games is to kill time. Now, the devil teacher’s guidance and help brothers and sisters, this feeling is really very good, let me full of fighting spirit, to do the project much harder. Also look forward to have more brothers to be able to integrate, we progress together, and finally to make money together.

third: to learn the truth of life. Help others to help themselves, really, in helping others at the same time, also let me learn a lot of things. Things that used to be very simple, now someone asked, still can not answer. In helping others, is also a test of their ability to improve. Although it will be a waste of time, but in the process of helping others, is very happy to see the brothers stand slowly built up, and gradually improve, I am also happy. Adult for himself, to have an adult, is mutually.

fourth: the biggest change, the implementation of the enhanced. I am self styled "thinker". I have read a lot of books, and I know a lot of truth, and I know a lot of ways, but I have never been able to practice, and I will not use what I see

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