today, Google AdSense first released a very important feature for Chinese publishers – Open ads in the new window. This is followed by " allowed website " after, AdSense according to the needs of Chinese publishers and the user experience of Chinese users, AdSense advertising alliance products made another major improvement. After the user clicks the advertisement on the publisher’s website, the ad page will appear in a new browser window. In this way, users do not need to use the browser Back button to " " return to the publisher’s website to browse, can also prevent users from accidentally left the site resulting in the loss of the site’s users; at the same time, this function can also browse the site and advertising pages bring convenience to users.

Google AdSense advertising alliance has always attached great importance to China market and demand Chinese publishers, hope that through continuous improvement of products, better experience for users, advertisers to bring a better return on investment, but also bring more revenue for publishers. Achieve users, advertisers and publishers and Google Quartet win!

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