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technology news (Wang Xin) December 10th news, hosted by the 36 krypton technology media Internet business summit WISE conference held in Beijing today. The agenda of the meeting for two days, which is the first day of the 36 day and the second day of krypton opening speech, entrepreneurs Roundtable forum.

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open day activities in today’s 36 krypton, many guests share including entrepreneurial team, financing and market entrepreneurs need to understand the relevant experience and information. The following is the core view of speakers:

share: Dacheng Law firm partner Li Guanbao

The first part of the

investment terms is the arrangement of the company’s equity, that is, how much money will be invested, the proportion of the company’s ownership structure. The general ownership structure in three ways: on an equal footing, the structure between the founders are more dispersed, which easily lead to disputes; this easy to become a family business What I say goes., and investors are not willing to see; the last one is the dominance of a big team, this is the optimized structure of investors that.

more reasonable ownership structure is a team has a boss, the parties have a share of the agreement, in a certain number of people, a person ahead of time to leave, his shares will not be taken away.

After the

equity arrangements, including the rights and the rights of the investors, check the major issues and key employees play founder responsibility control rights, control of investor equity investors to control the change of income, enjoy the right to withdraw.

in the so-called investment in gambling, is that investors will have a performance with the company or income, profits of a bet, you can not reach the possibility that I would like to deduct a little stake in you, which is the so-called gambling.

on the founder of gambling, especially for the early Internet is relatively rare, but some investors may prefer to bet on gambling because the company will have a short-term interest in the pursuit of. But in the early A round or angel round, we recommend not to accept the investor’s bet on the arrangement.

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