from two years ago after graduating from the school has been at work, while at work for free, I often surf the internet. Read a lot about Wangzhuan things during that time, feel the charm of a great Wangzhuan began to try. After a period of time of exploration, also taught a part of tuition, finally found a lot of what make the number of days is basically not feasible, has started to lose confidence! Inspired by online Taobao friends in a chance, began to switch to do the electronic commerce of the road. After careful analysis, because there are a lot of supply their own advantages in tea business, decided to sell the tieguanyin.

has just opened a small shop on the top of Taobao, found that the operation is very difficult, and now the taste of Taobao commercialization is too heavy, there is no possibility to do the investment seems to be very low. Take a look at the major search engines so many people do tea auction, think should have their own website should also be able to do. Download a program on the Internet, the data set to do the following. Because the original SEO have a certain understanding of the site began to do a little optimization. Optimization is the need for time, after a period of time to wait patiently finally a little effect, just a month to pick up one or two customers, the effect is not obvious. But after the accumulation of the time of the customer (because it is an individual to do, profit is relatively low, the customer is still very high rate of return), customers slowly up, and now the average monthly income of the block. But in fact, I am now the site’s IP only a few dozen IP a day, but why can have such income, I believe that only people who can do tea to understand. Here would like to do shop friends to wake up, can do that kind of consumer goods, like tea that drink to sell products, this customer after the accumulation of time, the effect will be very good.

today I would like to simply tell you how they operate. My shop is called "green tea". Don’t speak well, please forgive me and give advice.

1, the best content updated every day, at least write an article every day. Of course, the best is original, that is Google and Baidu’s love, but also can imitate, try to write some articles and pseudo original, (if it is related to Tieguanyin, pseudo original that will modify the original articles to become spider will visit, the content should be marked you promotion Keywords, but not too much, otherwise it is easy to cause the Baidu drop right).

2, every day to increase the number of even outside, the so-called outside is even a link. Find Tieguanyin related websites, included normal, no Google and Baidu down the right, the snapshot is updated every day, site: ranked first, so you try to find the station PR high is the most favorable.

3, if you have time can also apply to some large blog sites (such as: Sina, Baidu, NetEase, and, in the space) or to related forums and tea related posts. Write a few original articles

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