Note: many of my friends asked me about the money thing, are very curious, this is how the money I earned, I would say today. In general, few people will open family history, because this period Chinese is very special, the various factors leading to 90% history is the history of crime, I a little exception, is relatively clean, but I have been punished in the early business about one hundred thousand. Oh, let me start from the first pot of gold

a running account:

1, 97 years, learned to surf the Internet, obtain the labor department Internet operator qualification certificate, the test is to use the Netscape browser, E-mail transceiver, when the number of Internet users is less than 600 thousand

2, 98 years in March, joined the first Chinese Network – Chinese yellow pages Ma Yun company, salesman, domain name registration: 2000 yuan) 2 page 10 thousand, ha ha, the main customers for foreign trade companies, because Chinese Internet companies are few, so after the Internet more significant effect than

3, 98 years in December, transferred to the Ningbo Municipal Economic Commission, responsible for planning, looking for financial information from the Internet

4, 99 years in March, to participate in the construction of information network in Ningbo

5, 99 years in May, established the first personal website: the mysteries of women, with sexual content, daily visits more than 1000IP, 8000pageviews, the main form of publicity: spam, advertising effect is extremely remarkable, that time is in accordance with the CPM billing, is 1000 times per thousand times in general how much exposure, exposure of $1 2 dollars, each page can be placed a lot of advertising, the advertising company is trustworthy, the mystery woman made me $more than 10 thousand in advertising, mainly from and Jin Rui agent.

6, 99 years in August, set up second personal website: Chinese network (that is, who is the most cool site navigation), a week to the "Ningbo Evening News" written, recommended weekly 2 websites, and their own site to advertise, about IP500. Earned about $2000.

7, the beginning of the end of 99 years, ChinaByte served as a part-time editor, monthly income of 500 yuan,

8, in early 2000, established a website will win Securities: Securities, the main form of publicity: cn99 forum, mailing list, advertising chain, daily visits to 5000IP, fm365 was named one of the 3 major securities website Chinese. This is Tai Chi chain statistics, http://s.www.textcl>

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