sword of God to give you the last teacher in the forum to share some experience about Taobao promotion, but there are many fans to contact me, ask if there is a relatively simple and effective promotion methods, I was very busy at that time, no one to give you specific introduction, just yesterday at the end of the Chu Ma education Taobao promotion class course, today come to talk about some of the more practical method, and more suitable for novice sellers for everyone to try talking about free, a few years ago mentioned in the Forum blog and similar methods have many ready-made experience, actually this kind of promotion of the social network, in fact I think is the use of Internet users in the acquisition the information platform above, grafting through effective means, in order to spread our message, the final transformation, the sword of God with the teacher today We are all on the specific Taobao micro-blog to promote some of the methods, to give you some introduction, we hope to play a role.

micro-blog promotion first step: micro-blog fans

The spread of

on micro-blog to get information, no media, no information carrier, it is difficult to achieve our ultimate goal, then as in business, the number of fans in the beginning of the primitive accumulation, is a prerequisite for the promotion of micro-blog, of course, if only to pay attention to the number of fans, it will the formation of a misunderstanding, in fact the biggest point should pay close attention to how to accumulate to interactive fans. Sword God teacher in the early days of doing micro-blog, often use a variety of channels to increase the number of fans, the following are listed for your reference:

1, by the words "mutual powder", similar to the information in the micro group to send, then get the number of fans in the first place, because if you start the number of fans is not much, so people aren’t willing to pay attention to you.

2, on Baidu download a few micro-blog above everyone has emotional topic, such as some of the grassroots news, entertainment gossip, jokes and other information, as long as most people are interested in this type of website, we should pay attention to it, and then a day in different periods, the website information sharing on micro-blog, of course, is in the details of micro-blog’s last words, plus "@ your username", so when the information is spread, other users can through this information into our micro-blog interface.

3, registered a few small, then at any time to forward their Lord number, and with the trumpet, comment on other people’s micro-blog inside, add your main micro-blog account, it can also play some role.

4, to find their best friends, and then forward to each other for a long time, each other to improve the content of the forwarding effect, improve efficiency.

5, identify the celebrity micro-blog, and then continue to reply to others in other people’s comments, in order to improve others to your attention, because everyone is concerned about the stranger is how to judge their own point of view.


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