my boss is 82 years old, this is what I found when I entered the company. I am surprised that there are 2 reasons for the surprise:

When a

interview, the first time I saw him talking, the clarity of intellectual virtues, and is very skilled in debate, the young, I thought he was up over twenty.

two, the identity of his boss, after all, not many entrepreneurs after 80, I think he is at least 80 before, as long as the former 80, are bigger than me.

my boss is an Dongsheng born in an ordinary rural family, he graduated from north to work, with a cable, the first 1 million computer only a year to earn my own life, he Benz, Rolls-Royce from 2013 to 2014 as pour as a church mouse, just a year’s time, just to complete his brilliant life turning.

he is now the Dongsheng information group boss, you see, this year the workers entrepreneurship has not what, oh, I have a master of law, but now it is the network marketing, do think of here, feel a bit sorry when my master’s tutor,……

so far, the boss in 2013 was founded in 2014 the Xi’an Puri Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., before he had done many industries: advertising company small salesman training company; manager; it is also a period of enterprise training, accumulated customer resources, he has a number of loyal customers

venture has less than 2 years, start at the beginning of the first half of last year, the company after the previous 3 months across the development, stability and development at the end of 2013, the company is currently less than 20 people, but last year the company profit of nearly 1 million, the reason for me to analyze:

, a person has a very stable source, which is the root cause. I believe that just starting the most precious wealth is a stable customer: he before training the company has accumulated a part of customer relationship are very valuable, agriculture, commerce, consumer goods, electronics, and food industry. Most of these customers is our customers, but also he can very good customer development and maintenance of customers, the core is to help enterprises solve practical problems, an oil company United do detection quality inspection, after a year of boss one-on-one counseling, the annual turnover increased from about 1000000 to about 10000000. A private testing institutions NO1.

two, learning ability is very strong, the boss before the venture, has been the study and practice of network marketing strategies and methods, with up to 10 years of experience in the Internet industry.

three, very concerned about the staff. I went to the company, and not because it is the company better than before, in addition to their own private reasons, the core concept of one of the most important reasons is that the company, help the individual talent, to help businesses grow. He used the action to give me the feeling is: the company is to help each of us to achieve their dreams, only to help us grow

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