Hello everyone, I am grassroots brother, today we continue to talk about the team. In an article on the "strong team, dare the climax" together we have already mentioned the concept of a harmonious team, but because of the grassroots brother fragile heart by some unexpected blow, had to hastily end, today we talk about the team again, as is the development of a rotten paper. And, well, nonsense not say, we go to the point.

examples of grassroots brother bloody: in fact, I was the epitome of

actually, we imagine that you want to set up a team to start, just need to find a few like-minded people together, the specific task planning project, and the implementation of each team member’s hand, began to implement. After the completion of daily tasks, we eat together, tired can drink beer to relax, or to engage in some extracurricular activities.


what a beautiful and innocent imagination, how beautiful. In fact, this can not blame us too simple, too rich imagination. In fact, we don’t really want to do it before, we all think so. Eyes shifted to grassroots brother, to listen to the experience of grassroots brother. At present, the grassroots brother in the start-up stage, at present there is a team of three people, also be together for many years to come through brothers.

you know, the early start, we face a problem is the biggest limited funds, on all sides and we have to be able to save the province, even if we have to do is save, but many aspects of the conditions are not the pursuit of a more perfect, such as eating, working conditions and so on are so. Similarly, the grassroots brother is also faced with such a situation, there is no moral principle that grassroots brother present working and living environment is very bad, in the rental, because China Unicom and telecom owed some electricity and could not pull the landlord in the rental of broadband, so we have a few people have to find a way to create us better working conditions.

fortunately, a fellow opened a cafe, the environment is good, even the WiFi, and the distance of our rental housing is not far away, we often stay in work time to the cafe collective computer work, the cafe as a temporary office space for us, this is hard to seek it’s a comfort. But the problem is that we are here. Within the team for shoes does not love Cafe environment, that is in the cafe and the work efficiency is not high, coupled with the cafe boss once and the shoes had a personal grudge, according to the children’s argument, in a sense this cafe brought him the shadow, therefore, he is not willing to worked in a coffee shop.

well, the difference is coming, the big guys are working in the coffee shop, and some of the brothers in the team don’t want to go. Although it can be done in other places, it can also complete the assigned targets and work, and may even be done

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