the earliest contact Wangzhuan should be 06 years, when the contact is like a project like this, only received a money, but let me believe that Internet is that people can make money, because at that time still in school, no computer, the cost is too high to engage in Internet cafes, so no later. 07 years after graduation to do software engineers, just to work energetically didn’t want anything else, so that there is no attention to the wangzhuan.

08 years around March, found the COMSENZ 5D6D forum unintentionally, then feel if a forum that the multi Niua, ran to the official forum for tutorials, and soon the first forum you out. Like all the novice webmaster, I had the station is also the blind pursuit of large, the interest of all got up, novels, games, pictures, entrepreneurship, Wangzhuan, column number. At that time full of impulse, after the station has been added to the contents of the manual, but also to help my classmates post. Later, I think the 5D6D forum too much restrictions, they ran to buy a space domain name. At that time to buy space is really a rookie, what do not understand, the result was fooled, spent 700 to buy a 500M space, often after the installation of the forum can not open up the problem, ask them not to say anything. Their own independent forum on the line, the column has been reduced a lot, has focused on entrepreneurship and network related content. Later came into contact with the SS/XS, and immediately put their own website is also installed, the site includes information, blog, forum 3 columns, a small column of a lot, and later found so many columns themselves a person can not stand. However, the site’s PR and included in the case is good. Do not make any money to the site, but learned a lot of things: learned DZ, SS installation and use, learn the SS template production, learned to write the acquisition rules, learned to use the forum collector. DZ and SS now I know how to solve the problem, which is probably the biggest harvest.

08 years around August, due to the relatively strict regulation during the Olympics, resulting in the site was closed for a month. I can’t remember how I came into contact with the CMS, I thought it was a good one, and I spent a lot of time on the imperial website. Empire’s official tutorial to do a good job, I was just in front of the tutorial took less than a week to do a copy of the template CHINAZ. What is learned is the Empire template production, as well as the acquisition rules, because the template CSS code is written by me, but also learned how to solve the problem of compatibility in different browsers CSS.

08 years also made a personal station, a total of 3 stations, spent almost 2000, basically did not make money, because I do not how to promote, and there are no clear positioning and profit model of the two sites.

09 years in February, my brother and his classmates asked me to help do a wholesale network, when it was done with PHPCMS2007, the beginning of the development of this station is still good, but because of the problem of the program, there will be

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