recently I am small days flow to a lot of the original, only a few hundred has now risen to three thousand today IP, PV reached thirty thousand, IP to think, to earn money, before hundreds of IP no income, just have time to update your stand, no time don’t go for. Now the flow of PV up to thirty thousand, began to think about the way to make money

We all know that

is very important for the site of the flow of people, even now there are a lot of successful webmaster, have to do a lot, but also put a lot of time and effort to attract traffic flow. Traffic is really important, no matter what type of site, including search engines, content stations, communities.

I think the flow may be just a means of quality more core or our own website content, as we all know, you have to meet the needs of your target customers, to better meet their needs, this is something we can long-term money is a very important point. Take the advertising alliance, Adsense very much hope to see more and more, the content is very professional, have their own fixed users, and gradually grow, and the traffic is very healthy website to join us.

why? You know, in the entire food chain or business model in the interests of the Quartet, the first is the user, there are advertisers, webmaster, alliance, in the square, from the money point of view, the interests of advertisers is the core of the advertising business, but only have the confidence to come here for advertising, our alliance or webmaster or to make money. How satisfied are the advertisers? Of course, they want the audience to be their target audience, and he still wants the ads to be relevant. So, you attract in traffic bigger at the same time, regardless of what type of website, including the community, electronic commerce, and make the content of the website, only truly meet the needs of end users, they will continue to come back, the traffic is very valuable. Advertisers will be more and more confident, he will continue to come to the alliance, more advertisers to the union, the value and quantity of the entire advertising will rise up, we will have money to make money.


station for more than a year has been awarded with some interest in maintaining their own web site, of course, the content has also been considerable attention, most of the data is to be manually to the other sites to edit here. So my PV is also relatively high, ha ha personal feeling, your site IP is the premise of making money, but can not keep people, so, you will earn a lot less. So only when the content of the site can be very good to attract others, in order to retain the popularity of the site to make money, content is king. The station consists of ( feeds.

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