online money does not matter that the senior is not high, very rough, no technical content of the project is also able to make a lot of money. We are here with the simple Wangzhuan is to distinguish, labor or labor, the labor price per unit time difference, of course, boundaries are not very clear, here we have a preliminary understanding.


fried rice

vision, forward-looking, industry sense of smell, economic strength is indispensable, the potential of low-cost storage enterprise domain names, and other enterprises have a certain degree of visibility after selling high. 02 years before, now basically is worth 8 digits.

2, link intermediary, site acquisition

acquisition link, the sale of links to earn the median price, many of these foreign platforms, such as backlinks, but there is no domestic professional platform. Most of the intermediary business links still remain in the stage of labor, of course, a short period of time to create the next backlinks, in addition to burn or burn. Site acquisition, do this line of people quite a lot, I often do it. In fact, a lot of friends do site is very good, but do not know how to profit. I will buy it, is its processing, transformation into a profitable site.

3, resource integration

this category is a bit wide, in fact, the second points also belong to this category, Ali mother, Taobao, information stations, survey stations belong to this category. Integration of resources may be people, can be things, can be a service, can also be virtual. As long as the formation of cohesion, influence, it is not afraid of no money.

4, rely on network technology to eat

high level of labor, senior workers, equivalent to the real life of the technical staff, they just apply technology to the internet.

5, fried stocks, foreign exchange speculation, paper gold

although, I’ve never thought these three are very pure online money making projects, attached to too many things. But we can not deny that this can be done online, and some people use his money. In the online operation, and earn a lot of money, just as the senior Wangzhuan project.

Also a lot of mixed

, a variety of ways to make money online, the lower level to make money online project, unit time labor value generated by pumping almost. How to make your own Wangzhuan "advanced", then the first thing you need to think about is how to jump the profit sharing, or charging yourself into a senior Wangzhuan project.

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