a union administrator friend once said to me: " I listen to music station on the " site only in my league, you can understand; " I in the monitoring site for ", but you can also understand; " I am very concerned about the long " site in fact, in:); recently this year and a half, and in the event of stationmaster alliance, growth and profound changes. We also need to face new problems in a new way. For example: deduction. Don’t talk about it today.

)What is the amount of

1. extended elastic buckle? Since the statistics of 10 thousand, Union statistics that only recorded 5 thousand
2. ad Click 10 thousand times is from statistics, federation said that only 5 thousand are effective click
3. ringtone last week or 10 thousand every day, this week became the 5 thousand day of
4. in A Au do IVR song is 10 thousand minutes, 50 million minutes to do is   B

in the European Union;The

brothers, do you think the above situation which is the deduction amount?
station and union party settlement, is generally based on the statistics system the league as the standard deduction amount refers to the union party to reduce the number of private station side to promote the effect of behavior.

The effect of

number of why the gap so large?
oh. This is a difficult question to explain. I’d like to be able to explain it clearly and concisely.

1. There is black buckle! On behalf of the moon BS it!
2. This union really can not, the effect is too bad, A League has 10 thousand minutes B League has only 5 thousand minutes, should be eliminated!
3. The effect of different standards.     SMS monthly business history as an example, a new user with 72 hours recorded an unsubscribe effect, remember to new users. The result is not the same number of effects. This is more difficult, that is, when the product comparison between the union, it is necessary to spend energy to engage in refined chu.

in most cases, the webmaster eyes are discerning, spread through the blacklist webmaster circle, advertising to, are directly or indirectly to eliminate those dirty, not competitive alliance.

How to face the quantity problem of

alliance and the site is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, if there is no alliance, site revenues could decline, if not the site, how the alliance can survive? This kind of thinking, in the 07 year of the industry reflects the very obvious alliance. Can not be recognized by the site’s ability to gain the alliance, it is not a good alliance.

to confirm the effectiveness of the standard and whether there is a deduction, it is a very complicated thing.
to confirm whether the amount of deduction, now the webmaster, is the most important?
If I really meet the amount deducted, how to do

?My suggestion is:

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