Hello, this is the first time I shared guest experience, rookie I still do not understand the site of the half a year ago, it let you joke, I started the special fascination QQ space, rich template and simple, but the feeling of autonomy is not very strong, so it is the chance I contact to independent blog, the original just to choose a lot of nice and I finally set the WordPress in my poor now Amoy net, that I learned during the first half of the independent blog site I learned a lot of knowledge, in order to day after accumulated a lot of knowledge, I would like to thank WP. In fact, that I built that blog is to make money, then apply to the Ali Mama, GG feel very excited. But just to earn a little money every day, a few little hair. Well, about my rookie experience now.

everyone knows that the weight of Sina blog is very high, if you opened a Sina blog, write an original article, must be original, basically 2 hours will be included Baidu, see Sina blog to do more and more people off Taobao, I also found a lot of problems, is that we rarely pay attention to SEO. The title and casual, personal feeling like this blog if there is no fixed spectators not stick, no way. I just get some goods using the SEO keyword ranking, basically about ranking in the top three, so my promotion products is very specific, only the needs of people of Baidu search keywords, will enter my promotion articles, so money is natural, although one day not to flow 100 but each IP have a very good quality, in addition to explain my Sina blog a little promotion, just rely on Baidu to flow.

finally, I give you some suggestions, with the use of Sina blog to do more and more people Taobao customers, competition will be very intense, so the content is king, don’t simply copy someone else used, must promote specialization, specialization, diversification of forms, such as building a blog only to me promotion of diet pills, have many weight-loss drugs keywords ranking, this blog can not make money? Well, thank you for your patience to read. Taobao will never be out of date!

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