there are many ways to make money online, but also have a special offer Wangzhuan service website. Here just talk about how to make money through soft.

soft Wen since its birth, with its tenacious vitality. For the business enterprise, to expand the interests to enhance brand awareness, and thus a general advertising, advertising must rely on television newspapers such media, but a serious problem is that the high cost of advertising. So began to seek other ways, so soft Wen appeared. After continuous development and change, and now the soft is mainly refers to the release of the information contained in the Internet brand articles. Popular said: soft Wen is advertising, but don’t let people see is advertising. In the online publication of the article does not need any cost, this is the first feature of soft Wen: low cost.

a lot of new brands in order to reduce the cost of the use of soft Wen way to improve visibility, and even some very famous brands to join the fun, like HP had published on the web too soft. The spread of online information quickly, if not propaganda famous brand at least can mix a familiar "".


of the soft, with the emergence of the software writers, because the main is soft to promote goods for the purpose, so the water is beautiful and artistic language is not very high, unlike what fantasy novels such as writing comprehension requires imagination, or professional class graduation thesis that to master a lot of knowledge. Soft writing is the key breakthrough product information in the right place, to make the reader believe that, if the article has the certain literature or analysis of original water products would be better. This can be seen as a soft Wen writers do not need too much time and energy is also very easy to use. This is the second characteristics of soft Wen: low threshold".

If successful

write a soft words there are hundreds of yuan income, this is just an hour of work, but does not affect the normal work and study, so many students and staff have joined this industry. Most students want to find a suitable part-time job in their spare time to reduce the economic burden of the family. Tutor not only low wages, and a large amount of labor, temping is not only laborious and time-consuming, so the home only knock on the keyboard the occupation has become a best choice. For the company’s employees, in the normal work to make a soft Wen writers is also a proper part-time. This is the third characteristics of soft Wen: easy.

if you decide to engage in software writers, began to undertake a number of tasks on the site, then you start to write text. But if your first article fails, forget it. Second failed, or forget. If so, one after another failure is frustrating, hard to write the No one shows any interest in. Some people may ask: what is so unfortunate ah? I want to tell you it’s true. For example, if there is only one choice for a single task, assuming that there are ten people participating in the program, you will have a maximum of only 1/10 (regardless of your writing skills and writing experience). If >

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