lead: Wang Yuxiang, there is a time and mood to learn cooking recipes, recipes and buy pots, recommended refrigerator oven users. Literary youth’s money is hard to earn." He said.

bean fruit network founder and CEO Wang Yuxiang

There are two kinds of motivations for

Entrepreneurship: Founder’s preference, founder’s opportunity. Second entrepreneurs and even many are not keen on their products or content, but this does not hinder their success, such as singing, such as beans fruit.

"I’ve got time to cook!" when the reporter asked whether he was cooking, he did 7 years of recipes on the website of the bean fruit CEO Wang Yuxiang said.

beans fruit this year moved to the second ring of galaxy SOHO, which is less than 5 km from Tiananmen square. Wang Yuxiang said that the beans are still exploring the business model, but from the income point of view, the commercialization of beans fruit has been formed, the current lack of beans, is a unique style".

"I am an opportunity investor"

in 2007, when China Mobile 12580 product director Wang Yuxiang began brewing business, and several brothers plan to engage in a community website to earn money, the hottest time of the community is renren.com and happy, but for them, and the money and the lack of people, and there are two major sites in the front, this road is clearly dead.

so few people began a total of basic necessities of life. Clothing is too complex, the industry chain is too long, real estate can not afford to play, try to find the online travel is not good, and finally decided to focus on eating, so the birth of the predecessor of the bean fruit network".

delicacy is the best choice in the basic necessities of life, but it is very passive, because several old man can cook, Wang Yuxiang said: "if we do the dishes to estimate the site quickly went bankrupt."

Wang Yuxiang is digging from the blog, because my dish network page is designed specifically for the menu content, content publishing and reading experience is far better than the general blog, some bloggers began to try to publish content in my dish network, of course is still the main battle field of their blog.

a turnaround is the rise of micro-blog in 2009. Food up to people found that the blog is not enough, if you want to spread in micro-blog, a more professional menu site is a better choice. So a group of Master delicacy in my own deep dish network, "vegetable" and their fans also follow, users become early fruit beans.

they are very pure, and science and technology circles around bragging opinion leaders are not the same, they are really writing their own lives, writing feelings." Wang Yuxiang said, "their essays like essays."

just bean fruit net gradually started, 2011, beans fruit got 10 million yuan investment big, the website started to operate the company, and Wang Yuxiang also officially resigned from the original work in beans that >

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