on Friday afternoon, when I was working at the coffee shop, I came to two of my friends and went to one of the meeting rooms to talk about something. When they came out of our time, inadvertently saw the edge of the school to create a poster, so very surprised, said: we are in the edge of the school on the understanding, and now ready to partner entrepreneurship."

can meet the fate of the founding of the user, of course, can not be missed. So ask them to sit down and chat, since they successfully found a partner, there must be a lot of experience to share.

these two are very representative, one engaged in technology for more than and 10 years; one does not understand the technology, but has repeatedly entrepreneurial, over a variety of projects, such as video, Tmall.

I asked them, "why do you work together?"

One of the

said: "it’s important to be able to sit down and be quiet. To be able to communicate properly, there is no such a basis, what kind of people do not cooperate!

"what is normal communication?"

"normal communication is smooth communication, both feel comfortable, willing to chat with each other."

"what do you think is a bad way to communicate?" I asked.

"first, don’t talk about it. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs, to talk about his project, to show me the business plan. This way of communication will give each other a strong sense of oppression, the two sides have not established a basic understanding of the direct jump to specific things, this is very difficult."

"second, or to find the same level of people. I met a student who just graduated, came up with his project, said to be doing the roadside o2o Taobao shop. He has never been working experience, I have to work for more than a decade, it is difficult to have the possibility of cooperation. Because the two sides do not have the basis of mutual communication, he said I do not understand, I said he did not understand."

how is it better to find a technology partner,

?The partner

nickname that cat, to give three aspects of things:

technology partner

, a security: the reason of this part please refer to "why a lot of technology partners to participate in business will be the first to talk about money?", willing to give the corresponding security technology partner, this is a very crucial factor. So, those who want to flicker others to work for their own free founder is certainly not reliable.

two, respect: in fact, respect is a sense of equality, equality is so that each partner should be able to feel. A partner does not demand absolute equality, but requires respect for each other.

the cat that most of the technical staff of the IQ is high, but EQ is not high. Because of this, it is even more necessary for the founder to embrace a respectful attitude towards technical partners. The founder’s EQ must be high enough to be able to pack

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