Baidu theme promotion station, because the station to do audit when not low requirements on the site. Income is very good, safe and stable. The station Google Adsense, because Google Adsense has no requirements for the site, whether you are a page or a blog, regardless of whether you have the traffic, as long as there is no serious illegal content will let you do.

      Google Adsense strategy is very clear, to expand the market at high prices, we can see that there is no time on the Internet is not Google Adsense advertising. In fact, for Google Adsense, things are far less beautiful than we imagined.

      Google Adsense is still dominated by large customers, because most of the ad revenue from Google’s own search network, that is, the site. Although from the publisher site income increases year by year, but the proportion is still low, even so, from the publisher’s income is mainly from the site of several large number of partners, such as Sedo etc..

      the main goal of Google Adsense is not tens of thousands of small sites, because these people’s income does not cause any impact on Google Adsense, Google Adsense was so interested in site also has his consideration.

      Google site about 25% of revenue, income 100%


      from a financial point of view, the unpaid expenses are the company’s liquidity or reserve. There are too many publishers in a very long period of time can not reach the starting point of the payment is $100, there are many publishers may never reach this number, for them may be involved in the.

      Google also has several good major partners in the country, has a large personal site, there are portals, this is the main source of income.

      publicity is more important than advertising

      Google Adsense on the site can bring much income is not important, it is important to Google product promotion. Google Adwords in addition to a few agents, there is no good sales channels and networks, the Google and Baidu is no way >

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