we tend to see the most successful startups glamorous appearance, but do not know the original founder of the heart of the struggle. 500Startups founder of the famous business incubator Dave McClure will also feel the hardships of entrepreneurship. He said:

"entrepreneurship is a lot but little in return, there is a time for you to hide in the corner crying, not really to care about other things, no social life, there is not much chance with your family and friends. Your world revolves around the venture, but the heart is almost breaking down to pretend I’m a good person."

in order to make entrepreneurship way, here is a list of entrepreneurs to make a few mistakes, perhaps to inspire you, but some errors in some time is not wrong, but a person, from the project specific issues.

too early to seek media cooperation

if you are seeking is a media entrepreneur, it is best to ask yourself why you find them? Are you ready to face the media? What kind of articles can help you achieve your purpose? If the product and business model has not been determined, it is best not to go to the media, or die very miserably.

refused to spend their own money to do poineering work

own venture entrepreneurs rarely, most rely on external investment. But accepting someone else’s investment means spending money by yourself, and every investor you spend money on. And after the investors, the proportion of return obtained from the withdrawal will be reduced.

if you start your own business, you can explore business models and develop without the pressure of investors. Once you are self-sufficient, there will be more bargaining chips and investors. If no one else in control of your company, you can retreat at any time, don’t worry finally wiped out.

single-handed operations, or too many co-founder

do poineering work all know how difficult it is to start a business, no one is omnipotent, in order not to be too young to die, it is best to find a co-founder, to share your work. Want to fight single-handed not, founder of too much or not. A lot of people like to start a business with a friend, but there are more people and you have fewer shares. For example, there are four friends to start, if you split the shares, then you only have 25% of the shares before financing. The key is the divergence of opinion, or we do not make the same time, there will be cracks in the relationship, so there are a lot of start-up companies have a number of joint founders at the beginning, the last one left. Think about Facebook, Quora, Path and Foursquare.

frequent activities

some entrepreneurs in order to do publicity, or more to know the so-called industry and frequently participate in industry activities, exchange business cards

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