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editor’s note: This is a three year old man in front of the "". Interestingly, these flicker even if it does not look outdated today, I will have a meeting in a while, very optimistic about you, but unfortunately did not pass the internal discussion"…… These words seem to have always heard. Recently micro-blog pulls out again, to see people very happy, think carefully and the wise remark of an experienced person. Re released, and welcome to supplement.

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entrepreneurs in the financing of VC, will face VC on the enterprise, the entrepreneur, the industry and the market in question and investigation, some entrepreneurs will play small means, flicker and deceive investors. But more entrepreneurs in contact with VC, VC is often fooled. The following list of ten commonly used VC fudge language, in order to prepare entrepreneurs in the use of reference when financing, to understand their situation, do not be fooled by VC after saying: "thank you!"

1, keep in touch.


language is the highest frequency flicker, an active VC may one day have to use this sentence Huyou 10 entrepreneurs can almost become their pet phrase.

in a meeting of the forum, a group of entrepreneurs will be surrounded by a big VC, VC distributed one by one with one or two lucky name card, pull VC to communicate about their business plan, after 3 minutes, VC in order to get rid of as soon as possible, with entrepreneurs and shake his hand: "keep in touch!" then trot away.

VC in the conference room, you and your team to do VC financing demonstration, 1 hours later, you take the jubilant VC door, be reluctant to part with say VC VC holds your hand and said: "keep in touch!"


language Huyou deceptive, the initial contact with the VC entrepreneurs tend to be very excited, think VC really will be kept in touch with him, in fact, this is purely a courtesy language, with a meaning of "goodbye". If the VC really entrepreneurs was very interested in the project, they will immediately check the higher level of "leadership" of the schedule, arrange a meeting as soon as possible, and if after VC demonstrated they said: "Zhang, a partner in charge of our fund free this Friday afternoon, and we’ll detail a convenient time for communication, you see?" then VC send entrepreneurs leave, will not say "keep in touch".

similar to this fudge language also includes: we look at how to contact you." "I’ll call you later." Under normal circumstances, the subtext is: "how far away, do not bother me again!"

2, I have a meeting.

One of the things that

VC does most is a meeting, and their schedules are usually covered by various meetings

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