at the beginning of 2009, Edison Chan A Jiao selflessly pornographic, let the whole world color male entertainment, 2010 did not let us down, the Spring Festival is just dragging entertainment and alcohol to defeat the body back to the company, he met Shoushou, the first China beautiful car models show passion, make everyone feel refreshed and tired away. Crazy and then have to open Google and Baidu search for "Shoushou" and "Shoushou door download", "Shoushou video", "Shoushou 30M download", "Shoushou 220M full version download"……

this is an impetuous and sexual repression of society, reflected in the Internet is more real, of course, I am also a member of the search army, the so-called people at the beginning, the quality is also.

gossip less Xu, return to the topic. Although I am also a member of the army of the search, but I did not like most people, just for the video and search, I admit, I used to engage in the Internet exercise superb search ability, sanxialiangxia found video and secretly in the company with a quick way to appreciate it, ha ha, I am not afraid of the company the leaders and colleagues to see, but at my age, sex is not so curious, moreover, I have more things to do, this thing of course is to make money, the master is what you eat? Is when others are enthusiastic, hard earned dollars flow and people.

hard work pays off, after a door download video and Shoushou as easy as blowing away the dust, links have been placed in my personal website, this time, the Google and the Baidu hot list has not been Shoushou occupied, not even the popular vocabulary, this involves news sensitivity and network editor of the webmaster. I found Shoushou door three words a netizen from the QQ group of obscure words, and the first time that this will fire, put Shoushou three words to search for Google replication, it is not the Shoushou case in brewing and propagation period of blossom everywhere. I was glad he sent a few related news, keywords are mentioned: "Shoushou", "Shoushou door download", "Shoushou door video", "Shoushou 30M download", "Shoushou 220M full version download"……

is waiting for me, as in the past work, Internet Co working tired and happy, tired is because in the Internet industry itself is a toil live, is comfortable because I already love this industry…… Stop the train, but also run. About 2 hours later, I went to the Google search results page third Shoushou door, impressively is what I have just released ", my site in the third row, the heart is a chuckle. Look at my dozens of QQ group of people concerned about this incident has been more and more, look at the Google hot list, has appeared in this hot word, I seem to see a huge amount of traffic, as well as the huge dollar hit me!

a little trance for a few minutes, but also into the intense work, temporarily put the site and Shoushou aside.


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