although the site now more and more ways to generate income, but so far most of the site’s revenue sources should be advertising it. Click on the site to earn money to earn commission or click commission. Since that is so, the browsing amount Wangzhuan (number of IP and PV is often said that the natural) has become a key factor of website income. But this is the only factor? Is not a large amount of advertising revenue will browse more? The answer is negative, a large amount of web advertising revenue may not be low views of many people, this is why? Because there are many, but I think that advertising is an important position the reason,

novice Adsense easy to enter a misunderstanding – the more advertising, the higher the income. In fact, this is not the case, if your advertising position is not reasonable, advertising content and the site itself is a low degree of matching. Even if you have a considerable amount of traffic, advertising revenue is certainly not good to go, only a reasonable set of site advertising, in order to maximize the site’s advertising revenue.

next to the specific analysis of the location of the site advertising in the end to choose such a reasonable

1. Advertising size is not the bigger the better

has some owners in the choice of advertising, and tend to choose the size of advertising pictures, that size is larger, more can attract click, actually is not the case, the size of advertising will indeed attract attention, but because of large size, so one can realize the advertising, so there are a lot of people even see also not to click on, the correct approach is to choose the right size according to the layout characteristics of the site, such as home head, tail you can appropriate to put a large size ad one or two, and in the article page, page list page, should not be placed in large size advertising to site theme as the focus, this place the small size of advertising is more appropriate. Now most of the advertising alliance to provide rich advertising size for the webmaster, some also provide notice size custom features, allowing owners to easily modify the advertisement picture size, it can be seen that the size of the custom is the future site advertising alliance must make a function for the.

1. Advertising size is not the bigger the better

a good website advertising a sum of a certain size is not too large, so how much is appropriate? This is judged according to your own website, first by a principle that the size of total advertising is best not more than 1/5 web pages, then a general rule, of course, there are also special, here no discussion, no matter how, you should ensure that your site advertising will not let people look and see is advertising theme. After putting on the ad, let a person open your web site to see the main content. Now some Wangzhuan forum head is a large advertising, anyway, I would never see this advertisement to see, this gives the impression that the advertisement is false, there is a feeling of oppression. You can take a look at large portal sites, even if they are very large, but the home page

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