– Evening News reporter Qin Chuan reported

this morning, Chinese athletes with the end of the London Olympic journey. Outside the stadium, their another battle continues, online shop "sideline" contest. It is understood that there are 15 active and retired sports star turned Taobao owner, including Diving Queen Gao Min, football star Shao Jiayi, the former national basketball team coach Wang Fei, Queen Liu Xuan, gymnastics shooting champion Zhu Qinan shop also in negotiations.

, however, a lot of sports star shop credit accumulation, turnover are relatively deserted. For many people, at a "diamond" credit rating may take a harder than gold. Insiders admitted that only take "wanpiao" psychological leader or team occupation to The loss outweighs the gain., real money to attract users.

sports star cross-border open shop

in the electronic commerce, a lot of sports stars play a crossover. The reporter saw, "Diving Queen" Gao Min’s shop, not selling and diving related activities, but specializes in fashion handbags; football star Shao Jiayi Taobao store is the main maternal and infant health care products; and the football star Wang Dalei and basketball star Zhu Fangyu has been involved in the fashion industry, including Zhu Fangyu sales of fashion casual shoes, while Wang Dalei hit England wind clothing. The football star Sui Dongliang opened a resale shop crab. In these stars, only the former national basketball team coach Wang Fei’s shop and the main industry, the most closely linked, he opened a franchise basketball shop.

compared to the grassroots entrepreneurs, sports stars shop, its fame and influence is a gilded signboard. Shao Jiayi’s shop "Lejia mother", he would personally go into battle, as the shop model; Wang Dalei more directly in the home shop hit Wang Dalei with a man out of your style "advertising language.

popular trading volume mediocre

however, although many athletes have the gold medal to get soft, can shop "diamond" has become a huge challenge. Taobao aspects frankly, the cumulative credit from the store, the number of transactions, the collection of data and other data point of view, the overall operation of the sports star shop as entertainment stars. In June this year, Du Haitao’s shop, Mr. Xiong on the line, it was the circle of friends micro-blog friendship forward, the day of the day to sell 4500 pieces of merchandise, rushed to the crown on the 24 day. The reporter yesterday to visit Wang Dalei’s men’s store, the latest deal 20 days earlier, the store "the number of top three sales selling list" is "0", a total of 12 pre-sale, customer service and customer service no one online shop, basically in shutdown.

although the sports star stores are in the initial stage, but to the field athletes have come into. Taobao store staff said, Liu Xuan, Zhu Qinan, Wang Zhizhi, Battelle and other hundreds of sports stars have intention to open shop, is currently being approached.

shop wanpiao fear of escape the fate of loss >

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