Beijing on May 25th news, PandaWhale CEO, · co-founder Adam Rifkin (Adam; Rifkin) recently published an article about YAHOO’s acquisition of Tumblr transaction, he believes that this acquisition is worth.

Rifkin’s point of view is very interesting.

first, we have to figure out the difference between the two graphs, one is a social graph, one is the interest map. The two are coexistence, is contradictory, but also the transformation of each other. For example, Facebook more social graph, Facebook users are more concerned about another user is to know each other, it is partial social. The content of the Tumblr is anonymous, the user is content to go. Tumblr because of high quality content, do not rely on other platforms. If the author published content in Tumblr, although the reader does not know who he is, but paid for the content, the two have also established a relationship, which is also a social map, although it does not exist.

many APP, it relies on parasitic social networking development, when the social network cut off the channel, these APP fell into the trough, because these APP content value is not enough to leave users. Tumblr is different, it has accumulated a lot of valuable content before the rapid development.

so, what is the value of the Tumblr’s interest graph, which allows the user to express a particular interest. Two, more to the reader than the author. Three, it has a valuable content, which does not depend on the specific social relationships between readers and authors, temporary relationships, platform relationships. Four, master user intentions, especially business intentions.

after reading the article, perhaps you will agree: Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram.

reads as follows:

YAHOO $1 billion 100 million acquisition of Tumblr, many people think this is a big gamble. However, I am convinced that the value of Graphs (Interest) value, in my opinion, this acquisition is simply earned.

some big companies may think that Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram, why is this, the following specific talk about:

1, the more specific the interest, the more valuable

venture capital Greylock Partners partner Joe history · Ellman (Josh Elman) believes that each person’s Facebook dynamic and other peers generally the same dynamics. More than and 20 year old young people posted on the Facebook, the age of the people to share the wedding photo, the age of more than and 40 to see the lovely pictures of the child.

Tumblr, you don’t know what you’re going to see, even if you’re familiar with it, and you don’t know what you can see from him.


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