Tesla electric car co-founder and CEO, private space launch company (Elon Musk SpaceX CEO elonmusk) in May 16th speech at the USC School of business at the graduation ceremony, he talked about a few important things about entrepreneurship: one is hard work; two is to attract talented people; three is the focus on the products and services become better; four is not to follow the trend of single.

below is the full text of the speech Elon

MuskElon Musk:


thank you, I have only a few minutes, I will try to take advantage of this only time. Here I would like to share with you four important things. Some of them may sound like aphorisms, but experience tells me that they are practical.

the first point is very important for young people to start a business, you need to work very hard. What does it mean to work hard?

when my brother Zip2 and I founded together, we don’t have any purchase of real estate as a place to work, but we started in a small and ordinary office, spend most of our time in the small sofa.

we discuss ideas with each other, when we only have one computer, the day needs to use the computer to operate the web page, the code can only be carried out at night. I

are working almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I had a girlfriend who had to sleep on the sofa in the office to be with me. If you want to quickly set up your own company, hard work is a must.

you do a very simple math calculation, others work 50 hours, but you work for 100 hours, you will be more than others to get rid of the work of more than two times.

another thing I want to say is that if you set up your own company or are running a company, it is important to attract the best people to work with you.

a person or join an elite gathering respect the talent of the company, or is a motley crew and a group of work.

the success of the enterprise in most cases are a group of outstanding people together to make a great product. No matter how talented people in this group, they must work together to focus on a correct direction of the product, in order to create a great success.

therefore, entrepreneurs need to use all means to attract talented people.

then, I want to talk about how to determine whether the enterprise is on the right path.

many people are confused, they spend money and not to make their products better, for example, in Tesla, we never spend money on advertising, we put all the money invested in the product design and product development better, we do our best to put our car as much as possible good. < >

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