correct understanding of competition

we often say, "shopping malls such as the battlefield". Obviously, the Internet is full of competition, this competition may sometimes be very intense form of expression. It is self-evident that entrepreneurs do not need to make a fuss about the existence of competitors.

entrepreneurs must maintain a clear understanding of the purpose of market competition

real battlefield, even so, entrepreneurs on the Internet is not necessary to eliminate competitors as the target of competition. To maintain the competitive advantage, to pay attention to the strategy, to retain some good competitors, to build a good business ecosystem, but to help create a good external environment. If you always want to kill rival, is likely to lead to competitors take drastic measures against, causing the industry profit margin is more and more low, the final result can only be a lose lose. In some time Gome, Suning, Jingdong price war on the full description of this point.

therefore, the entrepreneur must know how to do, the teachers firmly establish the tottering foe Mo chase the truth, such an idea: in the market competition, an Internet business success depends on the success of its competitors. To learn to deal with competitors and allow them to survive, but to limit or delay their development, this is the strategic height of the understanding of the competition.

entrepreneurs should pay special attention to the understanding of competitors

peers can entrepreneurs learn from the following aspects: identification of competitors; understand the product and service range of competitors; understand the price and characteristics of each product or service; understand competitors product sales, market share and growth rate; understand competitors brand visibility and reputation. On the basis of the analysis of competitive power, entrepreneurs should judge their own competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is the unique ability of enterprises in market competition.

partner phobia overcome method

good, long-term cooperation is the premise of fair contract. A fair and thoughtful cooperation agreement or contract is essential, it is necessary to clearly define their respective responsibilities, rights and interests of partners, and even can be agreed on the termination of cooperation. It is worth noting that the earlier the more adequate communication, the smaller the possibility of problems in the business; and if there is a problem, the greater the likelihood of proper settlement.

good partners can help entrepreneurs solve problems such as capital, entrepreneurial resources, professional capacity, etc..

in the early stages of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have to consider their own business partners in the interaction with the security issues, we must ensure that they will not be forced out of business partners. In certain achievements, entrepreneurial enterprises to take shape, entrepreneurs have to consider the actual control of entrepreneurial enterprises.

so, only the correct understanding of market competition and partners to establish good cooperation >

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