before writing this article, I would like to ask you a question? What is the e-mail marketing? I think most of my friends would tell me that email marketing mainly refers to the transfer of invoices and other junk information, actually we just say a small part. This is far from the mail marketing to do. Real network marketing should be based on the user’s license. In the western developed countries, e-mail marketing is a very important means of marketing, it is closely related to everyone.

but now in China, the role of e-mail marketing has not been effectively played, it plays a role far from comparable with developed countries. As we used to think, the frequency of sending mail is the most important issue for the email marketers. Many online shops often bored to potential consumers to send a daily sale, fashion, a few discounts, shipping and other favorable news, one day can even send dozens of letters, these messages are often accomplished by mass mailing software.

so how can better use email marketing? The golden Wangzhuan case to introduce the following method to it to our website. In order to improve our website email better frequency problems, bravely step forward, we first told our email subscribers in advance, in the next few weeks, we send the message of the frequency will be increased, but only a few weeks time will increase, which will return to normal after.

this way, email subscribers to us after mailing frequency has been prepared, although after a few weeks to send mail more frequently, but the effect is not so bad as you imagine and is well beyond expectation. At the same time, in order to do a better job of e-mail marketing, and always pay attention to solve the following problems:

first. What is the value of our messages to the user in the end?. How can we ensure that the email is delivered to the customer’s inbox and not into the "trash"


second, what is the purpose of e-mail marketing and how can we use other marketing methods to achieve the best results?

third, how can we get more effective user’s e-mail address? How can we do all the mail we have.

fourth, the title of the message should be how to write to attract readers, it is easy to understand and to create new styles. How to make use of other resources such as video, animation, etc. to make our headlines more vivid.

fifth, how to better meet the recipient’s favorite emotions? In what way can we understand the needs of users and how to meet our needs and interests.

above problems are all we have to consider. I think as long as we solve the above problems, we are not far from success. What are the determinants of our success,


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