here today to give you an explanation why do traffic Union will make money, but the greater the influence of the union to make more money.

let’s take traffic alliance, take 779, this page is advertising exchange traffic, that is to say it has two kinds of users, one is selling traffic, the traffic is released to this page, click on income generating groups, another group, is to rely on the purchase of a flow. Then put on your own ads, of course, among them there is a zhoupapi, that is advertising, advertising is to earn the difference flow.

so we will analyze these three who have what knowledge is worth learning.

for the flow of people, these people have a high flow rate, indicating that they have the flow of skills, but also high flow skills, such people are worth to contact.

to buy the flow of people, their current terminal is certainly profitable, if the investment of 10 yuan, to earn 9 yuan, it is a to do, as an occupation businessman, always put profit in the first place, so he invested 10 yuan, his income will be more than 10 yuan in other words, that is to say, is now displayed in the ads on this page, are profitable.

because these ads are not brand, so long as we copy their contents, copies of their products, or get their products purchase channels, so as to obtain their income, as long as our investment flow, as can be to obtain income.

there are two sentences is the most important one is that the success of the network can be copied, the second sentence is that they can not do things by others to complete.

thus, as long as we go to copy their success, we can get them as high income, so you can study others carefully advertising, because of their traffic is to buy, whether they are profitable advertising.

so the profit is always to see. But we have no intention to see. In fact, profits everywhere, just look at how you do!

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