a lot of people say that making money online is like a beautiful poppy flowers, looks very beautiful, actually very evil, because these people are often in the road by Wangzhuan more than once to cheat, Wangzhuan despair, while others think that it is like Wangzhuan roses, beautiful appearance with with thorns, do not care to tie hands, these people often detour in Wangzhuan Road, later still tasted success Wangzhuan to bring their own wealth! Let the author to introduce several common Wangzhuan mode, let everyone as much as possible detours!

1: network technology

at any time, technology can find work, the Internet is true, if you are a graphic design master, then you can take the task to Witkey online, if you are a SEO master, you can find a lot of websites to A5 SEO task, if you are the master station, then they can when the owners make money easily, if you are a network marketing master, Congratulations, wealth is waving to you, because of the lack of the network now is network marketing master, if you have the ability to earn million yuan, is a piece of cake! > two: when Taobao or Taobao

Customer Manager

if you have sales head, then congratulations, you can open the shop to make money, whether it is an independent online store or Taobao store you will be able to ease, it is easy to put your goods as soon as possible out of the promotion, of course, you can also go to the Taobao guest website, these are very easy to understand through your sales the brain easily earn money, in fact, is to know how to open shop promotion, is also very important to know how to sell, of course, to find a good supply of


three: the construction site to make money by advertising

is now the site is more and more low threshold, as long as you know the establishment of several procedures, such as the CMS system, you can easily create a good website platform, and then through your efforts to promote their own websites, make the website traffic rising, so you can find some advertising to do, often website traffic more, get the advertising fee is higher, of course, can also be hung on the Taobao customer code on your website to obtain a variety of profit mode of



Wangzhuan other modesWould you like

English translation, you can find a English translation on the network of part-time, but also can be extended to some foreign websites, such as some foreign famous forum post ah, certainly some people will write the article, then it can be written in the network or software writers contribute to the relevant journal agency, nature also can make money


five: click on the ads, online surveys, online hook as well as coding and so on Wangzhuan

entry methodMany novice

a no technology, but not what Wangzhuan channels, they do not understand the written translation, is not able to Wangzhuan? Of course not, we can also pass.

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