looked back, I do GG have been more than two years! This is the middle, is the beginning of the first advertising revenue excited, also has GG income dropped suddenly helpless, more a month to go to the post office to get the money of achievement! Here, I want to share some experience with GG, I hope to the novice some help! I don’t have to look at the master

, ha ha!

1, GG application:

recently heard many of my friends said, it is difficult to apply for a GG account, increasingly stringent audit! In order to verify this statement, I built a PP net in the last month, the address is www.51pp.org, on the second day to the station, I would use it to apply for GG account. Unexpectedly, in second days, GG will give me a reply, thank you very much for the content is roughly GG accounts audited, www.51pp.org website itself is no problem, just need to verify the ownership of the station, and inform the verification method. I immediately verified by the GG method. Did not expect the second day of the new account is opened.

through this example, I think GG is not difficult to apply, and the key is to look at the quality of your site. Also, I do not agree with some webmaster friends said, just started to do a little bit of the site, and then apply to the site after the garbage station. Because GG will always check the situation of advertising, once the site has a problem, it may stop the GG account.

2, GG code modify article

remember when I first started doing GG, the ad code is GG default, without any modification. Remember that the site is www.mm-mm.org.cn, it has been relatively low ad hits. Later, I heard people say that modify the advertising code can improve the click through rate, so I tried to change the color of the station advertising and text consistent, and in the home page with the 250*250 ad layout. Miracle happened, the second day of the www.mm-mm.org.cn ad click rate increased by two times, of course, advertising revenue has increased a lot. So I suggest just started to do GG advertising friends, be sure to pay attention to the details, try to modify the advertising code, in order to maximize revenue.

3, account security:

account security, I suggest that friends must strictly avoid cheating suspects. Because GG is the most stringent, once the account is closed, there will be no chance. Invalid click is the most likely to cause the GG account was closed, followed by copyright issues, there is my account had received a warning letter GG, said the web page is a web search engine design for the suspect. I received the letter immediately after the website was revised, and wrote to gg. Finally, you can put ads on the station.

combined with me more than two years to do the experience of GG advertising, it is recommended that novice friends must be safe in the first case, try more, modify, and strive to maximize advertising revenue. For now

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