do not have anything to do today, how do I do business on the Internet to tell you how to do it. Hey。

this year has not been looking for work, thinking of your own small business, see if you can earn money to feed themselves. So look for it on the Internet and find all the things I can see and do. At that time almost every day bubble to see other people’s experiences in major business forum, originally wanted to do inventory sweater, with an impulse to go into the batch sweater market stall selling, but cash strapped, then see a lot of selling stock sweater in the market, business is not good, so sigh, business is not so good to do.

day around to see a wig website unintentionally, Amy fashion wigs monopoly network, through their website customer service, I find their website owner directly understand the situation, because I think that there are a lot of opportunities, so focus on this project, as far as I know, now because the electric hair too much on the body the effects of carcinogens and, for the health of many people began to try wearing a wig, said in this fashion is high simulation wig, think this is a new market, great prospects, for a deeper understanding, I purposely bought back on top, bought the top fashion wigs, ha ha, after receiving dumbfounded and, as real human hair, my girlfriend tried, really beautiful. And like a changed person, never seen her so beautiful, oh, so I am more interested in this project, and began to prepare for how to operate.

and I, and the fashion wigs monopoly network boss to talk about cooperation, they gave me a set of cooperation programs, can do their agents, to provide a full set of product pictures and data, then find someone to buy their goods directly to my customer delivery, without my hand no inventory, but the risk is almost zero and then I went on the Internet to find more wigs network inquiry, price comparison contrast products, I found many home prices are much cheaper than the first home, and some even low can not imagine, I thought, really do not know than sincerity, good product quality is the key, I value this businessman is born in order to make money, but the money to have a good reputation, had to buy a home to see sample quality screening partners, I probably buy samples and more than and 10, but I think the money is necessary. I have to choose the best one.

online price is really very different, long hair agent the lowest price 30-40 a high 8090 of the samples were screened with the arrival and received the sample, but also let me dumbfounded once, so have to believe a penny of truth, one difference is big picture a grade, a price of the goods, the price is low quality of the garbage, work difference, degree of simulation, the materials used are different, ah, tell yourself, cheap goods is absolutely not to do so, the partners locked in Amy wig net, because indeed his goods will be much better, the price is also not in the middle high, so I started preparing for it, sleight of hand planning, quickly set up a website to >

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