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Two years ago

, playing electric people think, I hit the end of this round of $20 million, the next round can get 40 million dollars, but they forget another assumption, opponents also have the money do? Money is no difference, in the global scope is not short of money, as long as it is possible to bring capital in return, the capital will be Everfount to come, this is clearly better than a company needs more.

many entrepreneurs too dependent on capital, capital can solve all problems. But they have to understand that Tencent always have more money than you, you want to Chinese each year can be how much money a year to Tencent investment 10 billion yuan, the Tencent VC more than money, how did you win the Tencent? You can’t say, I can throw money, it is not money, this is not established the.

professor Zhang Weiying said the capital employed labor force, but in the electricity supplier industry, it is difficult to determine whether the capital employed entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or hire capital, this line has become increasingly blurred. You asked me last year when other people were crazy about the money, how do I know that the United States and the United States is not throwing money right? Frankly, if the capital market crazy time longer, there may be some people in the bo. The more confidence in the future, the more patience now. My patience is much longer than most entrepreneurs, this is my experience of continuous business, but also with my beliefs about. "Another gold belt, repair bridges and roads tragedies", there is no such situation?! you want to be the villain murder, or when the Justice Party, repair bridges and roads, even if the last siwuquanshi, this is faith.

no matter which person or organization to invest in, whether it is now or in the future of a moment, want to spend less money to earn more money. Therefore, the value of entrepreneurs is not money, but how to make money money. In economics, we talk about input and output. Judging the value of an enterprise depends on the input / output ratio, the less is more in the creation of value; on the contrary, you are doing a meaningless thing. For entrepreneurs, the most important consideration is how to spend more money than their opponents, to create more value. I have been thinking about how to use the Internet technology to run a company at a low cost and high efficiency in the past two years. When we become more efficient, more and more information collected, we have the opportunity to affect the entire industry chain.

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