The fast pace of social

lead to people’s life pressure is too large, the prices rise again, low layer CPI has more than 4.8 percentage points, the quality of our life is greatly reduced, especially to our working-class and grassroots impact is very big, in the life instinct and helplessness in seeking part-time on the road difficult so, the Internet is very suitable for part-time webmaster, but everything has two sides, people in this industry is fraught with pitfalls, as a novice, you should open your eye to see through some scam, here is my summary of the experience:

scam: Taobao fishing

Taobao store part-time, at the beginning of your shop, may receive a lot of information to brush drill, at first the information is not a liar, but the reality is not paid to brush drill, and buy goods shelves after the abnormal information, then you have to enter the Taobao username and password these abnormal information, the anti phishing system of Taobao, you can only store cheated, your Alipay password has been provided to you a liar, ending the shop and two empty money.

scam two: free training

For charges of training

Wangzhuan project, people usually have a high vigilance, crooks take free training, along with a network of part-time to brainwash these novices, misleading propaganda, you will feel full of yearning for this project, and that can make a lot of money. The truth is that when you join in, you need to buy the master in the hands of crooks and space domain experts, from the point of view, the domain name and website space is rubbish, it is difficult to make money, but you have to work to make money, then there is your space and domain name is a liar to recover, you very helpless, your heart is full of hatred and resentment of the liar.

scam three: join the business alliance to become a member of

popular join method is: first you pay to join, then you get a set of Wangzhuan templates, such as some industry alliance website, there are a number of shopping sites, the obvious characteristic of them is: you join, you will have a good development, it is necessary to pull off the assembly line, as long as you can pull in more members you can earn money, we all know that to make money through the website that is more difficult to analyze, from the nature of this scam is a bit like a reality version of the pyramid, which resulted in the novice and not extricate themselves, then remind the novice, alert, alarm bells ringing.

I said above a scam and my simple analysis, but the network of part-time scam many, while on the other hand also can earn money and Wangzhuan project, the most feasible approach is to do not believe the sky can even fall pie. Attractive website part-time project not easy to try, technology is the most basic sense, the use of technology to part-time, you will not be fooled, necessary credulity day to earn one hundred yuan the tattle and prate those are flowers in the mirror, water, looks very beautiful, sounds very attractive, but actually it is not like a poppy! >

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