China station more and more, the impact of the financial crisis, now many novice webmaster joined the industry, its purpose is to make money, I can only say that your idea is good, but do not practice than theory, this industry to make money is not easy, there are a lot of people is the root did not earn a penny. Web site, generally follow the flow is king, your station has a large flow, it must be able to survive, no flow, at best, just a dumpster. I don’t have a good literary talent, there is no good way to tell you how to do traffic, only hope you have read my writing, able to understand the flow method. Others say are false, only their own practice, that is true.


site will be just a virtual goods, how can you make your stand become hot, customers become panic buying objects? Comes first, website content is very important, a good standing like a good commodity, only the good things will be recognized by people, so the site must be the direction of development good site planning. When I was just standing, I would often look at the statistics, which may be despised by many people. In fact, I was in my early user tracking, web site, each flow is very important, I want to retain my users, so they called me the website back.

I stepped into the industry is not how long, but I found an interesting problem, do not want to make money often earn the webmaster, and a mind to make money owners often complain about giving up. The reason is because the latter too impatient, anxious is not as important, do one thing must be a long stick can achieve great accomplishments. Web technology is not the most important, even if you don’t write the program is not what problem, but you must know how to promote the key. A variety of source code on the network is that we can use, but the site must rely on their own propaganda. Good publicity will achieve good results, access to large traffic is our ultimate goal.

website is not only a commodity, but also our friends, treat a website like a friend, every day to pay attention to him, give him care. We spend too much time on him all the time, and if you don’t get it, you have to find the reason, because you don’t care about him. Wangzhuan is not accidental, it is a long and arduous process, if you persist, you are not far from success, but if you give up, it can only regret to tell you, you still choose other industries, it is not for you! The Taobao boutique, welcome to reprint please keep the source.

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