project of centralized or decentralized better better? The point is very interesting, because we are faced with such thoughts and choices. To be more popular, it is focused on doing a website, or through multiple sites to spread the risk of


there is a view that the website should concentrate on a station, made of a fine, because a person’s energy is limited, can make a stand is not easy, if it can do it, will cause the management not to come over, all the stations are made of garbage station. So you have to focus on doing one, and made of fine. And the development of the Internet so far, there is no garbage station living space and profitability, the site to make money, it is necessary to form their own brand, enhance the user experience, relying on the strength of the brand. But there is a problem with this, because we can’t predict whether it will be successful until a station is successful. Take SEO to make money on the web site, perhaps you are very optimistic about a project, choose a very good keywords, and then you buy a good space, spend a lot of time every day to update the content. Results six months later, spent a lot of money, but also spent a lot of time, the ranking has been able to come, the site is always out of the red, then how do you do? For instance, although you are very optimistic about a project, but when you put up after the keyword optimization, ranking, but found the root of the money not what money. In other words, you are even the wrong direction, even if you optimize it again, what is the use?

another point of view, since the risk of doing a website so big, so it is better to do more stations. East does not shine in the west, this station does not make money, you can also rely on that station. Because we do a station at the beginning of the site can only be a profit forecast, as it can not make money, how much money, only a few months later to know. If we just do a station, then these months is nothing. If there are multiple stations, at least a part of the station is to make money. So after a few months, we passed the survival of the fittest, not to make money out of the station, the money to do a better job. It has some serious shortcomings, because the energy is very limited, if at the same time more than one station is likely to make these sites have no time to update, the ranking has not come, but wasted more money. And this will make themselves particularly tired, before the success of their first collapse.

personally, I think, for the novice, you can choose a small project focused on doing, in the process of familiar with the practice of SEO, the accumulation of experience. And when you have the ability to optimize a word to the top three of Baidu, then you can really do the project. At this time, I think the better diversification. I have been stressed that the project can be copied, I think, you do a month to earn 10000 of the station is very difficult to do, but do a month to earn 500 yuan of the station, is very easy to do 20. And the risk is much smaller. As for the question of time and energy, one must be busy

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