please kiss Xingmin say to you how can do their own opinions on the spire.

with an example around the kiss Xingmin: of course, this example is to feel the last kiss xingmin. Kiss Xingmin on Xingmin middle school, a young man with dormitory, great personality, relationship with the entire dormitory is not very good. Don’t say what the man is, but the way he does things makes people feel terrible. At that time we all felt something, but didn’t care too much.

on the day before yesterday, another student and former roommate kiss Xingmin, suddenly talking about that guy, he told the boy, in the first year of graduation, to earn 200 thousand, is now to buy a car. With the hostel feel very surprised, so we recall the past, we evaluated him: he did things in a way that makes people feel terrible. Indeed, now the middle school students, we all have experience, the entire secondary school is very impetuous, nothing to do, all day drinking, games, Internet, no one can do things meditation. That guy is different. He made a list of what he had to do every day in his bed. Today, a few days to study, to read a few books today, how much money to earn this month, and even what to eat today, this meal to spend more money, are listed out. And according to do every day, almost four years, such as a day, this is my fellow said. He could have a car and a house for two years after graduation, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything with him.

This event let

kiss Xingmin feel: A, to meditation, my heart swam down to do things. Two, the work of quantification, what to do to quantify every day you say, we should build a station, you have thousands of articles, death can be realized in a short period of time, so every day to send 20 articles in an hour can do. This way to the spire, the key point is to adhere to and painstaking.

and a friend to kiss Xingmin said the words, she said that now many people say that it is difficult to learn English, but in her opinion is very simple, as long as you can really hear 3000 hours of English, you can speak English with any exchange, because she is learning Japanese do. The. In fact, her way is also a quantitative. She set her study to a certain amount. What is needed is also concentrated and adhere to.

we do Wangzhuan should also be able to use this way. This is the last few days a little kiss Xingmin feeling, please don’t laugh at me.

this is a personal point of view, welcome criticism, welcome to reprint, interested in reprint, please indicate the article from kiss Xingmin thank you


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