Beijing on July 19th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog BusinessInsider writer Matt · Lin Li (MattLynley) on Tuesday said the author, Digg from the beginning the fate, because of the company’s founder Kevin · Ross (KevinRose) has a restless heart. The following is the summary of the article:


Digg founder Kevin · Ross KevinRose (Tencent (with map)

Betaworks in New York last week, a little-known small Private Held Company, spent $500 thousand acquisition of a website called Digg. The news shocked the entire Internet industry.

just 6 years ago, Digg was a popular Internet innovation company, has rejected many offers. News Corp had offered $60 million to buy the company. Former U.S. Vice President Al · Gore (AlGore) has also been considered for their own CurrentTV interactive TV service to buy it. Google nearly $200 million acquisition of Digg transaction ultimately failed.

but perhaps we should not be surprised about the fate of Digg, because its Creator – named Kevin · Ross’s technical wizards and innovative products — has created the magic inventor of the product, and then ignore their habits.

can say that Ross’s career is an example of a cycle of unfulfilled promises. Colleagues see Ross as an outstanding product designer, with a mysterious sense of the perfect user experience, but he also has no interest in daily activities. Ross two important project – Milk development laboratory and The sun sinks in the west. mobile news aggregation site Digg– Shututonggui fate and it also proved that the nature of Ross.

The following is a record of Ross’s working hours at Digg and Milk, as well as interviews with a number of people who work with MR, or who know him well enough to work with

. Up to now, Ross I did not set the contents of the article.

in the TechTV television fame


Leo · Laporte (LeoLaporte) was originally discovered by Ross, and led him to host a TV show (Tencent technology plan)

Ross was originally a TechTV television technician IT. A chance, he inadvertently involved in the well-known host Leo · Laporte (LeoLaporte) program, in the gold program period to the audience about the Win> transmission

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