IDC comment network (referred to as: IDCdp) is currently the only IDC information portal, providing excellent IDC service providers and domestic and international excellent computer room ranking service portal. Collect the latest Internet IDC information. Free display excellent IDC service providers, tens of millions of users to give the most authentic assessment, exposing the garbage liar IDC service providers, green Internet network.

IDC Internet data center. It is accompanied by the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid development of the new century, China’s Internet industry has become an important part of the ring.

Internet Data Center (Internet Data Center) referred to as IDC. The telecommunications sector is the use of existing Internet communication line bandwidth resources, telecommunications professional class room environment standard, for the enterprise, the government server hosting, leased and related value-added aspects of the full range of services. That is, the company has a server server into the data center, that is, we usually say the server rental and hosting and other related businesses.

is now increasing the number of Internet scammers, many of the owners and users have been deceived, IDC industry is more. Many webmaster have such experience, spend a lot of money to buy the brand famous IDC services virtual host or server such as IDC products, customer service is often a mail for hours without reply, IDC services small and unreliable, paid can not find people. The user wants to find a more cost-effective, customer service service in place of the IDC service provider is difficult. IDC comment network fully help users avoid these problems. Other users can be reviewed by the IDC service providers to choose their own quality products.

IDC Comments Network ( is reported for the first time IDC, cloud computing, data center industry information, integration of resources downstream of the IDC industry, IDC directory contains thousands of regular domestic excellent IDC service providers. User reviews and real-time voting for IDC service providers, web hosting reviews, get votes for IDC service providers rankings, let users at home and abroad on the IDC IDC server room, a comprehensive understanding, so that formal IDC service providers get all-round development, user is not deceived. So that the IDC industry standardization, green.

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