send goods are not satisfied, but need to pay their own request to return the postage, in the enjoyment of e-commerce online shopping fast and convenient at the same time, also had to endure the embarrassment. Recently, Taobao appeared on a "new type of return shipping insurance, buyers only need to pay a few cents premium in the transaction, can be avoided when the need for return postage. Reporters found that the introduction of this insurance two months, favored by many consumers, but for its practical use, some consumers are still worried about.

single highest compensation 25 yuan

Wang to buy a sweater in Taobao in the online payment transactions, suddenly found a "return shipping insurance agreed to buy 0.65 yuan money, and was told to return because of costs generated by the insurance company within 72 hours of payment of 13 yuan". Return can also be on the insurance, with questions, Ms. Wang has consulted Taobao customer service, business, and provide the insurance company, the insurance was confirmed after the purchase. "In the past, from the Internet to buy things, buy the most afraid of is not satisfied with the goods, the goods back he had to lose ten yuan postage. Now with this insurance, how many did not worry about."


reporter was informed that the return shipping insurance underwriting, Taobao’s online 7 days no reason to return the goods merchant agreement, is divided into two kinds, one is for the seller, one for buyers, each transaction is only one aspect of insurance. According to the seller’s insurance agreement, the determination of the premium will be determined in accordance with the rate of return of the first 3 months of the seller, if the return rate of less than $0.5% in premiums of $0.1, the return rate of 0.5%~1% premiums of $0.2, and so on. And the buyer pays the premium payment amount is according to the 5% charge, such as the payment of 0.5 yuan premium, payment amount corresponding to 10 yuan, of which the highest vote in 1.25 yuan for the amount of 25 yuan.

buyers happy sellers worry

return shipping insurance is divided into two types, but the reporter found that the insurance coverage for the buyer, the seller is only a small part. Return shipping insurance premium for buyers is very practical, a few cents, would be exempt from at least 10 yuan postage due to return to produce, but the seller is not worthwhile." Taobao mall operating in a small way to reporters calculations: the store return rate of 3%, premium of $0.6 / pen, a monthly sales volume of 600 pens, the total monthly premium of $360. However, the insurance company claims only one-way freight, 18 pen return can only get $180 payment amount, relatively speaking, but lost $180. If there are more than one customer multiple pieces of goods, the seller to pay the premium increase while the loss of more. "Taobao online shop, freight insurance basically in 0.5 – 1 yuan / T, for the return of a relatively high rate of business, the insurance may be more appropriate, but the other is not worth the majority of buyers, especially small jewelry shop more expensive." Xiao Cheng said.

insurance companies involved in the online shopping market into a new trend "

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