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online supermarket and a story of the classic textbook can be compared to two production of shoes manager came to an island, found on the island of people do not wear shoes, a person disappointed to go, another stay, leave the people through a variety of ways to teach the people on the island start to wear shoes, of course later success. The online supermarket is not cultivated in the island: the FMCG industry online consumption accounted for more than a few, only 7%, so we see the Jingdong and Tmall of the two open, fight competitors, and Suning and other giants have also joined the fray. Will eventually form a kind of market structure? Online supermarket heavily when the traditional line take cities and seize territory, large supermarket chains, have felt a chill


electricity supplier industry, a war without smoke has started.

August 31st, Jingdong supermarket announced that it is necessary to strive to become China’s online and offline business in the field of absolute sales in the first three years, the first market share and consumer satisfaction first. On the second day, Tmall supermarket started counterattack horn, announced in Beijing, Shanghai two city every city issued 100 thousand single "order price fold". And a month ago, Tmall supermarket has announced that it will become the largest online and offline stores within three years.

in the past two months, the two sides were repeated every empty dialogue, more intense fighting. Jingdong and Tmall layout of the supermarket business has been for many years, why would this node at the time of the outbreak of the super war?

today, the players are different, Jingdong acquired 1 shop is a turning point." Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said the business is super high frequency to attract traffic business, the main consumer groups are women. The past online super is a small game player, and now online retail super row in front of the WAL-MART alliance, Yonghui Jingdong, Jingdong and Tmall appeared to coincide in the competitive field, so now this battle is blocked by Tmall Jingdong counterattack. Interestingly, through the acquisition of the Jingdong between WAL-MART’s 1 store overnight become the most powerful rival Tmall, but in July 5th, from the former WAL-MART executives Chinese River quietly become the general manager at the helm of Tmall.

– battlefield focus: why super

Following the 3C

appliances, apparel, online supermarkets have become a new platform for Internet users competing to snatch users.

with the wave of consumer upgrades and the rise of middle-income groups, China’s online supermarket sales of non essential necessities of growth in excess of necessities, consumer spending began to enjoy the upgrade. In the recently released "joint Jingdong Analysys China online supermarket purchase consumer behavior research report (2016)" is further pointed out that this batch of new online supermarket groups in the 80 and 90 for the main crowd, the "new generation" and "high income" and "rational" has become the new generation is also a synonym. A force not to be ignored in the economic and social China.


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