domain name is shorter, the better, this is the domain name of the meat and potatoes. China.Cn domain support a shortest numbers and letters, especially fierce competition, especially the recent six rooms spent huge amounts of money to buy the domain name, is a short domain name up in the teeth of the storm. At this point, the inventory of the current situation of the short domain name, you can see the future development strategy of these companies, we have to look carefully Oh, may speculate what. Chinese Fujian projects trading network (English Edition) for sale for sale: the sale of unable to open the six room unable to open the Live registration page (jump) 37021. navigation: unable to open Chinese advertising network for sale for sale: the sale of for sale: when the music network (mobile phone game) for sale: unable to open unable to open the (jump) for sale: Google for sale: Dongguan real estate network: for sale: unable to open unable to open the common services (for sale) Shanghai logistics technology for nearly for "M" life portal channel to for>

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