star effect is a double-edged sword

In the traditional

era, a spokesperson will be able to prop up a brand phenomenon in the Internet age has more or less impossible. The present era is the value of diversity, the rapid change of information. Coupled with the recent emergence of some of the leading cause of the innocent victims of the incident occurred repeatedly. Behind the network will have a bomb, a merchant can accidentally. Conversely, if businesses can make good use of the Internet, then the star effect brought about by the effectiveness of the brand and loyal fans are incalculable.

from many marketing events can still see the power of the star effect. Underwear brand SPAKEYS invited Sora Aoi not only become a brand spokesperson, but also involved in product design, social media, these are added to the brand additional value and topic adhesion. Underwear hot to be looted, but this hot passion can continue long wait and see. Shang Wenjie also with the trend of the electricity supplier YOHO! Launched tourism transparent box, and dedicated to creating electronic music fans metal headset. I do not know is because of rising consumer demand instant meet or temporary, willing to pay for these product groups There are plenty of people who. In the catering sector, you may not know hot one, but if you know it’s Li Bingbing Quan Ren will open their mouths at. After a review of consumer reviews, most of them are directed at the star to the consumer, the taste is not too good. There are a lot of cross-border electricity providers to play the game, playing mobile phones, playing home. The reason to play, because they do not make money, it may be just a result of interest.

stars do cross-border electricity supplier, the use of the star’s popularity and appeal, the effect is particularly obvious for the initial electricity supplier, but also the best to achieve a win-win situation. For the stars, this is an opportunity to expose and narrow the distance with fans, rich personal image is also fascinated fans. For businesses, the recent look to enhance sales, the long term is a good time to enhance the brand, to be able to seek attention in the ever-changing internet. However, it should be noted that, if the product is only the impact of excessive consumption of star fans, will reduce the market value of their products.

moreover, the star effect has been a problem of timeliness, if the star is not known in the past, or often do not product activities, the interests of businesses will suffer. The age of the Internet will be doomed to the brutality of the glorious past of the bottom pressure in the mountains, like a star effect is the tube doping, the efficacy after, how to ensure the sustained attention of sales of goods and consumers is the top priority of business.

vertical integration and separation of electricity providers and stars

vertical is divided into two kinds, one kind is vertical, one is the geographical vertical, the latter business model called 020, focusing on local life service providers. The former is also a lot of category choice model. Today, large and all the electricity supplier platform has been occupied by commercial big brother. 020 models of small and beautiful wedding market is developing rapidly, there are poly hi cat, wed114, hi friends.

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