just when electricity supplier circle SEO contest in full swing, the Ministry of Commerce issued a high-profile new online shopping". In this era of intensified e-commerce, this news has been the major media, network army concern. 12 on the same day the author is also the first time in the QQ message box to understand, but the time is relatively tight, until today, wrote this article. Electronic commerce is currently in the development stage in Chinese blowout, but the relevant laws and regulations is not perfect, and there are many misunderstandings and gaps, hope that this provision can regulate e-commerce market to a certain extent.

the following is a great cross on the following points of view: the new online shopping

1, allows consumers to have the time to go back to

this move also shows that the process of e-commerce in China is becoming more and more user-friendly. The short term, if the account period, will have a certain impact on the seller, or even malicious peers using small revenge; but in the long run is to ensure the quality of the show, as long as the quality of clearance, not afraid of consumers to return in the long terms, customers and sales will rise.

2, set up remote disaster backup system, the establishment of disaster recovery system and emergency plan

considering the safety of online shopping, online shopping market accounted for a growing share of the involved groups of users is very extensive, this security measure can ensure the data security, later will not lead to unnecessary trouble, of course, can also provide evidence for some legal issues involving the event.

3, modify the transaction rules at least 30 days ahead of publicity

this is a respect for the user groups, but also to protect the interests of users. Third party platform is the need for buyers and sellers to survive, buyers are free to choose the platform, so it is necessary to publicity about, if not satisfied with the platform. This also reminds us from the side to learn to use the law to give us the right to safeguard their rights and interests.

4, the goods must be consistent with the physical

is now a lot of sellers are inconsistent with the description of the physical, in this regard and the integrity of the mechanism, on the one hand, and there is no relevant mandatory administrative regulations. Because this is only a norm, but not mandatory. Fortunately, the Ministry of commerce is developing e-commerce management approach is expected to be introduced at the end of the violation of norms to a certain extent to give appropriate punishment, or even pursue legal responsibility. This is of great significance to regulate e-commerce market.

5, the seller deposit first payment

this mainly refers to the time of the transaction disputes, if buyers and sellers did not resolve the negotiations, they need to intervene in the trading platform. If it is the seller’s responsibility and refused to pay, then the platform to pay the buyer with the margin, and then the seller to resolve.

summary: the birth of this series of initiatives will play a profound role in the standardization of e-commerce market, will also help e-commerce development

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