just in the two major U.S. stock exchange scene listed jumei.com and Jingdong, the day before have been exposed on the platform selling fake luxury goods, and allegedly selling fake fake knowledge. This news came out, immediately caused a great disturbance in the industry and consumers.

The exposure of the fake source

, is a company called Yi Peng sunny "jumei.com supplier. It is reported that Yi Peng Sunny is a diversified company, the main operating brands including: Armani, Burberry, Dior, Hermes and other world-renowned luxury brands.

however, whether authorization Yi Peng sunny provided by Armani, Burberry and other luxury brands, or to prove that these luxuries are sea purchase customs single product, is the software with PS forged. Jumei.com and Jingdong in July 28th for the matter to respond quickly, both sides said the lucky sunny were shut shop processing. For consumers to buy goods in the shop, unconditional return.

fact, electronic business platform and selling news can be heard without end in recent years, the high price and luxury, it is the fake hardest hit. It is puzzling that, why luxury electricity providers often fake rampant, and repeated


we might as well start with the whole industry chain to analyze the reasons for this phenomenon. It can be said that the source of electricity supplier is the source of fake luxury goods sales. At present, there are three main business channels: one is to purchase luxury goods through overseas purchasing, or from a dealer, factories, Oteri J and other channels, the channel "shopping spree" product quality is guaranteed, but the price is relatively high. Two is to allow qualified vendors to sell through the electricity supplier platform for the third party. Usually, third party vendors only pay an annual deposit to the electricity supplier, the channel itself the lack of supervision, thus becoming the online luxury market fake flood disaster area.

third channels are luxury brand authorized sales. But in fact, the brand side for the scarcity of the consideration will not be easily authorized to the electricity supplier, can really get the brand side of the electricity supplier authorized platform negligible. Even get authorization, electricity providers often do not get enough volume, unable to meet the needs of consumers in the purchase volume.

a series of supply constraints, so that electronic business platform is largely dependent on third party vendors for the sale of luxury goods, luxury goods sector and high profits, so many businesses rush into danger third.

insiders pointed out that a large number of investment in the promotion of the brand and the store’s high cost operations, many luxury brand profits still reach 80% or more. One can imagine that those who do not have these high imitation brand investment, higher profits. For example, a genuine case of the retail price of 10 thousand yuan, the manufacturing cost is about 100 yuan, packaging costs 50 yuan, various qualification certificate and warehousing share cost 20 yuan, 30 yuan logistics costs, then its overall gross profit will reach 9800 yuan. Even if the goods are sold at a price of 80 percent off, their profits are still

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