, a large number of domestic buy network, profit model is too single

site must have a clear business model, but also the core value. In fact, in fact, China has a very long way to buy the site, I remember a few years ago there was a day to grab a commodity, the site, the highest one day also sell hundreds of things, but it seems that the sound is not large. In addition, many of the vertical industry website also has to buy plate or related information services, especially cars, decoration, home, travel and the like. To say truly sizzling up time, should be regarded as the beginning of this year, with the U.S. group, handle, 24 coupons, cool group, F group and group purchase websites have launched the domestic figure purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a few more overnight. A group purchase navigation station statistics, the current large number of domestic network group purchase website, from the appearance, structure and mode, basically the same, homogeneity is very serious. Some experts predict that the network group purchase market space is limited, so many group purchase websites staged a "hundred regiments" snatch competition, most group purchase network will have no way out.

two, buy mode has a greater potential for development in the industry segments

what is the way to buy the site there is no way out if everyone in the model are completely copied the United States Groupon, the answer is yes, more than 90% of the site will not be able to profit from the group to withdraw from the market,. However, as Ai Meirui said, earn a walk, if the group purchase website with this short-term operation ideas, is not difficult, perhaps it after all, this is not a high input mode; but to make the group purchase giant, to achieve long-term profitability, it seems not so easy. China’s consumer market is not small, which is based on a developing country in the context of rapid economic growth in the context of the road. In the future, B2C will evolve into B2I (personal account) and B2G (B2G, for group purchase), operation group purchase website people, the most important is to determine their own market segments, rather than to aim at the whole consumer market, what do the idle away in seeking pleasure. Should learn from the experience of many years of sedimentation in the vertical industry group purchase fence net, regulating the family network, xiaopang car group and other predecessors, focus on familiar territory, resources field. In fact, cars, home, travel, beauty, health, food and beverage, clothing, toys, and even the network, each field is designed and refined, is a huge gold mine. I see a special website link to its Web site in the Aimeirui group purchase website, the official website, thinking of the good, the local news portal dedicated to selling group purchase mode of the chain, low price and a good quality and a sense of trust, are very attractive to people who do SEO, this website looks solid, also has good potential for development.

three, buy site operation ability to be greatly improved

in addition to market positioning, buy site in order to succeed, the most critical is the ability to operate behind the test. On the one hand, the test operator to business negotiation ability, the resources of various line integration capabilities, whether in the low price (group purchase attractive.

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